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Posted On 2018-05-07 11:32:29

Here the contributor of Global Height points out at Google's new My Business which is going to relaunch soon. Additionally Google has added my business description page in a new way which will lead to more profit and margin to the business owners.

 For all those business which is working in local, they calls this Google new business description page as Hoorey just for its usability.

Here, Global Height has added some more key features to explain Google My Business description page in a better way so that local business can take more advantage from it. Here is silent feature-

Placed at bottom: Hence Google My Business is placed at bottom of posts, Question Answer and Address as well, so no doubt it will capture a less visibility to the customers. Hence it is recommended to use google post instead of business description.

  1. No Impact on editorial summary: As for big or popular business there is Google's editorial summary which is composed by google only and cannot be edited. So, those business which have editorial summary they too can add Google My business description which will reflect just above to editorial and hence, there is no any impact on Google's Editorial summary because of GMB.
  2. No reflection on Google maps website or mobile application: This GMB do not reflect on the Google`s map either on browser or mobile application as well. This is drawback of GMB, So better what contributor of Global Height recommend you to use editorial page as it reflects on both the place.
  3. My description guidelines: Google have a strict rule set for my description. This rules explain what kind of content, product and description can be used or not in the Hoorey, Google My Business. This is very simple as Google use to make it red when it comes to any inappropriate words.
  4. Word Limit: Google has limited the word description limit to 750 words, which is again a vital issue, no doubt it is 750 words are enough to explain in business in proper way but the problem is that it only shows 250 at knowledge panel and rest of them at GMB.
  5. Google Ranking: As of now, Google My Description do not have any impact on Google ranking. Team at Global Height has checked with different keywords and trust me we did not find any growth in Google Ranking. What we recommend to use USP of the business
  6. Global Height Tips: What the developer of Global Height recommend you to use most popular keywords of your Google My Business page. Reason behind this is that Google use to deliver results based on keywords directly to the search results.  So, For marketers and for business owners it is more easy to collect data from GMB rather than google analytics.

Global Height team has kept their eye on each movement of Google towards GMB and expecting some more feature addition to this. Experts says that may be google will try to capture all essential details to the business description page so that customers do not need to go website in search of results. 

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This blog is helpful for me

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This blog is very good.

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