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How to Create a Website that Look awesome on every Device?

Posted On Feb, 2, 2017

Have plans to create a website, but concerned about its appearance and performance across different platforms?

Well, your concern is justified in view of some traditional websites that look flat when you view them on different devices. In this modern era, when technology is changing every day, you can’t bank upon the traditional web designs for a long. By no means you are creating a website for self viewing, it’s obviously for public display. It is there to draw, magnetize, appeal thousands of online users every day, many of them may get converted into your regular customers. And a uses today don’t view websites on a single platform.

Today a User View Website on different devices or platforms

A user may see a website on a computer at home, but when he is in office he opens it on a laptop. Likewise, when a user (could be a potential customer) is on the go, he prefers to view it on a tablet or smart phone. And if your website has a traditional design, it may look awful when a user switches from a PC to a tablet or Smartphone. For instance, viewing angles, content, images, menus, and options, of your website may look awkward when viewing platform is switched or to be precise, when screen size is changed. The similar experiences a user can get when he sees your traditional website on different browsers, i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. Moreover, there are other users, who use mobile or tablets only to surf internet and not the laptop or computers and vice versa.

So what does it suggest? Do you need a different website for every platform? Well, that would be a mess I guess. With rapidly changing technology, we may see several new devices, operating systems, web browsers coming in the future; hence, it is impractical to have a different website for every new device or browser, etc.

So, what’s the solution?

How good it would be to have a website that look awesome on every platform or device. Is it possible? Well, it certainly is with a ‘Responsive web Design (RWD)’.

What is a Responsive web Design (RWD)?

As the name suggests it’s a website design that is responsive towards the screen size or browser. A website with Responsive web Design (RWD) adapts perfectly to the changing screen sizes or browsers and hence, looks awesome across all the devices or web browsers.

How it works?

In a Responsive Design website, when a user switch from one device or web browser to another, say from a laptop to a tablet or a Smartphone, the screen resolution, image size, and content, etc. gets adjusted automatically as per the new screen to give the user an optimal browsing experience. The content and images on the Responsive design websites resize, hide from view, minimize, or expand, as per the screen resolution so that it can look excellent across all platforms.

For instance, in a Responsive Design same content may be visible in three columns on a computer, two columns in a tablet and in a single column, when you switch to a Smartphone. Along with the content, images are also resized as per the changing screen resolutions, so that user can read or view the same content on different devices with great ease, comfort, and viewing angles.

Responsive Website Design has become increasingly popular

As a website is the vital medium for any business entity to showcase its product and services, it’s essential for every business to make it as comfortable as it can for the internet users or their prospective customers. Hence, as a business organization, you cannot afford to dedicate your website to a particular device or platform and lose the potential customers surfing internet on other platforms.

This is the reason that every website owner wants its website to be responsive to different platforms.

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