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IVR Service

What is IVR?

IVR is the platform for incoming calls to get information via voice response system of pre recorded messages. This helps you connect your client's query to the right person in professional way. Global Height provides the best IVR service with zero restriction and complaint.

Professional IVR Calling

The service of IVR provides you the high quality specialized and dedicated voice over professionals to deal with your clients in simple manner supporting Multi languages. IVR shows the standard and gentleness hence keeping IVR helps you turn more queries to you.

Multi Level IVR

When you have number of services in your organization and for the services you have different departments then through IVR you can share the right call to the right department, and in result your work gets done automatically with the great feature of IVR.


Unlimited Call Recording

For the quality purpose people do record the calls but IVR gives you maximum storage of all platforms for call recording which can be easily accesses able by the deployed person. So make your dealing smooth with great observation through the simple installation of IVR.

Instant SMS

IVR service will also provide you the contact number of the person by the next you hang up the call on IVR buy which you can later have the contact using your personal number too.


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